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StoneCrafters Genuine Stone & Masonry Work

Stonecrafters is a privately owned Stone Masonry business located in Oakville Ontario, specializing in the installation of Natural Flagstone and Stone Facing for residential projects. Stonecrafters brings the experience of more than 3000 successful installations to every job.

Over the years Stonecrafters has developed a unique knowledge of the materials and installation techniques that produce a beautiful, lasting improvement to your home. Choosing the appropriate components, from the stone materials to right combination of cements, is the only way that permanent results can be created in our harsh Ontario winters.

Check us out and we’re confident that you’ll discover Stonecrafters is the obvious choice for your stone masonry project. We invite comparison.

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Why Us

Stonecrafters is an owner-operated business. At no time will your home be visited by a pushy salesperson or inexperienced employee. All estimates are provided in a clear, consice, written format to make absolutely certain that you have everything you need to make an informed decision.

Design advise is free. By calling Stonecrafters there is no need to spend hundreds of dollars on a design. Stonecrafters is pleased to provide you with the benefit of our experience, free of charge.

Over the years we have realized that many seniors are not comfortable gathering the necessary information or making arrangements for their home projects without a trusted friend or family member present. Stonecrafters respects the special needs of seniors and will make every effort to accommodate appointment times that are convenient for all parties involved.

With the proven stone materials subject to dwindling supplies, our market is increasingly flooded with poor quality stone that cannot hold up to Ontario winters. Stonecrafters will only install stone that has a proven history right here in this environment. At present, more than one third of Stonecrafters jobs involve first removing stone that has failed to hold-up. Needless to say, this comes as a serious disappointment to the affected homeowner.

Choosing Stonecrafters for your porch, patio, walkway, pool deck or stone facing project is the right choice, every time.

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